03 Jul

Beech Island, SC: Historical Places and Famous Faces

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about Beech Island is that it isn't even an island at all. Located in Aiken County, South Carolina, its name comes from an island that was a part of Georgia but separated from the mainland by a river. Of course, other theories about the name exist including one about how beech trees are located in the area on the high-land bluff of the Savannah River.

Beech Island itself is a significant location because it's one of South Carolina's oldest settlements. Two other historical places, which are also the main visitors' attractions, include the Beech Island Agricultural Club (one of the oldest surviving societies in SC) and Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site, the former home of Hammond who founded the club in 1856.

One of Beech Island's most famous former resident is a well-known name from pop culture history - James Brown. The "hardest working man in show business" lived in Beech Island for the last years of his life and is currently buried there, too, in the Thomas Family Home Crypt. While his music career was noteworthy, his legal antics were newsworthy to say the least. While you won't see his name on the top celebrity break-ins list, you may find it on Beech Island's most famous celebrity scandals list.

Brown's rap sheet includes drug use, weapons charge and even a high-speed car chase near Beech Island on the SC-GA border. He was eventually pardoned for his past crimes by the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services. So when you're visiting Beech Island, remember to venture out and retrace the paths of "The Godfather of Soul" and the former Governor, two of the area's late and great celebrities.
02 Jul

Dining Spots on Beech Island in South Carolina

There is a fantastic varied restaurant scene on South Carolina's Beech Island. Take advantage of the local cuisine and enjoy a night eating out at one of Beech Island's dining establishments. Try Iron Horse Bar & Grill, with its great outdoor patio and hearty nightly specials like prime rib and crab legs, plus its fabulous jukebox and weekend karaoke nights. Crossroads Cafe is a terrific spot for breakfast, with hearty omelets, tasty breakfast tacos with a variety of fillings, and delicious a la carte side dishes. Head to Deshawn's Seafood for fresh, local fish and the best grits around. For the best barbecue in the South, Beech Island is the place for you, featuring both Freeman's Bar B Que and the Bar B Que Diner for all your barbecue favorites and South Carolina specialties.

Beech Island is a friendly, beautiful area with incredible dining options. Try the local offerings and you'll understand why the restaurants of Beech Island are the best in the area.
16 May

The Top Vacation Deals to Beech Island, South Carolina

Beech Island, South Carolina has a lot to offer its visitors. You will find Redcliffe Plantation House Museum an interesting place to visit. The best way to find a vacation deal is to search online. Choose from a number of online travel sites and compare prices. If you are flexible in your travel days, you can save up to 40 percent. Choose from a variety of accommodations such as bed an breakfasts, hotels and condos. It is easy to find a room located close to the Atlantic Ocean. The best time to visit Beech Island is in the spring and summer months.

The Atlantic Ocean offers a variety of water activities such as scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling. Choose a hotel that offers amenities such as exercise rooms and swimming pools. Plan to spend most of your time exploring the beach and the sea. The area also attracts local fishermen who go deep-sea fishing. Choose to take a tour of the ocean on a catamaran. This is the best way to tour the surrounding areas. Compare travel packages that include a rental car. You will want to tour the surrounding cities by car. Beech Island enjoys mild weather most of the year.
01 Apr

Your Trip to Beech Island South Carolina

When searching for a spot to get away from it all, where you can sit back, relax and take in the beautiful sights around you, there's no better place than Beech Island, South Carolina. Beech Island is located along the Savannah River and is one of the oldest towns in the state. This top travel destination is highly recommended for those who enjoy learning about settlements throughout the United States and viewing historical sights. While planning a trip here, you will first want to decide where you are going to stay, along with the many attractions that you would live to visit.

Some top hotels within Beech Island include the Kozy Kort Motel and Royal Inn. Just minutes away is the city of Augusta, where you will find additional hotels for your traveling needs. Plan your travel itinerary based around the interests of your friends and family. Enjoy a tour of The Redcliffe Plantation House Museum, a beautiful Greek-revival mansion built in 1859 that was home to James Henry Hammond. The Augusta Museum of History is another must-see while in the area. Here you will learn about the history of Augusta, Beech Island and surrounding areas through exhibits featuring rare and memorable artifacts.
23 Nov

Lodging on Beech Island, SC

When planning your next trip to Beech Island, South Carolina and surrounding areas, you will want to look into the different types of accommodations that are available for you. From affordable hotels and motels to luxurious bed and breakfasts, this quaint South Carolina town has it all. Surround yourself with lavish and elegant decor or opt for average sleeping arrangements. The typical nightly price ranges for accommodations in Beech Island start at around 30 and go up to 175.

One of the most luxurious hotels near Beech Island, South Carolina is the Rosemary Inn, located in North Augusta, just 6 miles from Beech Island. Starting at 175 per night, this lodging option is a classic bed and breakfast that is housed in a historic home built by the founder of North Augusta. The beauty of the southern architecture present at this hotel is something that you will not see at other lodging options in the region. If looking for more affordable sleeping arrangements, Beech Island is also home to the Rodeway Inn, Scottish Inns Augusta, Econo Lodge, Regency Inn, Budget Inn and more. Before booking a hotel stay, be sure to look into the latest deals and offers to get the best prices on your next vacation.
19 Nov

Top Events Throughout The Year On Beech Island

The coast of South Carolina is renown for its pristine beauty and well-preserved sense of history. The residents of Beech Island are completely in touch with these elements and take pride in sharing and preserving them. Beech Island itself is one of the oldest settlements in the entire state. Located along the banks of the Savannah River, Beech Island began in 1680 as a central location through which all trade made its way to the developing western frontier.

Events are held throughout the year to celebrate the heritage of this destination. Among them is the Civil War Holiday experience. Local musicians and actors bring the history to life by reenacting the actual holiday experience that would have been common for both free and enslaved families of the past. The experience is moving and educational. This event also includes tours of the historic slave quarters in the area and dramatic readings from actors in period dress. Historic mansions and local museums are all decorated for the traditional holiday experience, and there are games designed to entertain every member of the family.

Redcliffe plantation also played a significant role in this historic location. "The African-American Experience" event provides visitors with the chance to get a glimpse into the lives of some of the individuals who would go onto to play defining roles in shaping the community during the middle of the 20th century. Discussions on the tour offer valuable insights into the diets of the residents, elements of slave resistance, and the dynamics of family life at the time. The information doesn't stop now. Keep looking: James Brown film in works
16 Nov

What Is There To Do on Beech Island?

Whether you are visiting Beech Island, South Carolina or are a resident there, you may be looking for fun things to do for the whole family. Like many areas of South Carolina, Beech Island is known for it's variety of golf courses. Take the family out for a day on the course or simply go alone to relax and cool down after a busy day. Some of the most popular golf clubs that you will find nearby include The River Golf Club, Forest Hills Golf Club, Midland Valley Country Club and the First Tee of Augusta. Don't forget to book your tee time in advance for a guaranteed spot on the course.Get more information here.

Not only can you enjoy a day of playing golf in Beech Island, South Carolina, but there are also several historic sites and museums that are both educational and entertaining. The Redcliffe State Historic Site is a plantation home from 1859 that is surrounded by beautiful Magnolia trees. Take a tour of the grounds and learn about the area's African-American history. Then take a stop at the Morris Museum of Art to see collections of over 5,000 painting, sculptures and photographs that are dedicated to the American South.
15 Nov

How to Get to Beech Island

So you're looking to visit Beech Island, South Carolina, but are not exactly sure how to get there. This community located along the Savannah River in Aiken County is just a two hour drive from the city of Atlanta. Major sites nearby include the Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site just three miles southeast of the town and the Silver Bluff Plantation wildlife and nature preserve. Depending on where you are traveling from, directions may vary.

When visiting Beech Island from the Atlanta region, travelers will want to merge onto I-20 E/GA-402 in the direction of Augusta. Stay on this road for about 138 miles. Continue on to take the 196A-B exit toward Daniel Field and merge onto the Bobby Jones Expressway via the exit on the left after 13 miles. Take exit 16 and merge onto the Laney Walker Blvd Ext. Turn right onto Sand Bar Ferry Road. You will now be in the state of South Carolina and have entered the town of Beech Island. Other cities that you may consider traveling from include Charleston and Columbia. For precise directions to this historic agricultural community from your location, simply input Beech Island, South Carolina into your GPS navigational system.
12 Nov

Where Exactly Is Beech Island in South Carolina Located?

Beech Island is one of the first settlements established in South Carolina. The community is located in Aiken County in the southwestern portion of the state, near the cities of Barnwell and Edgefield.

While the name of the community, which is unincorporated, leads travelers to believe Beech Island is located amidst water, it is in fact land locked. The small community actually got its name from a real island that lies nearby and is separated by its parent state, Georgia, by a river. Another popular explanation for why the community, which was formerly the start of the "western wilderness" for settlers in the late 1600s, received the name "Beech Island" lies with its foliage. Some say it was named for the beech trees that grow nearby along the Savannah River. Locals say the trees grow along the "high land," which many say was shortened or mispronounced over time to become "Island" instead.

Beech Island is found at the intersection of Old Ferry Road, or County Highway 215, Old Jackson Highway (Highway 5) and Sand Bar Ferry Road (Highway 28). Beech Island Avenue, or Highway 781, is the main street that runs throughout the very small community and continues to the east.
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